On the Shugulika website, you have the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself to recruiters. As a job seeker, you want to catch the attention of recruiters to your profile however how do you summarize a 4 page CV into a couple of sentences to make you stand out from the rest? 


To keep it simple this section of “About yourself” allows you to take a snapshot of your experience, education and how you differ from others. What makes you unique!


Below is an “About you” example that we can work with:


“A Professional Chef with six years of experience in the hospitality industry. Expert in Asian, African and European cuisines in various luxury hotels including Melia Zanzibar and Hyatt Regency.”


Here are a few key things to note: 


  • Keep it Short

Remember that the information on the CV is all within your Job profile hence the “about you” section does not need to be very detailed. 


  • What do you do?

This is where you mention the line of work you are in. As we can see in the example above, the candidate uses the phrase ‘’professional chef ’’ to allow the recruiter to know what area of work they are in. Other phrases that may be used include experienced, skilled, qualified etc.


  • Stand Out

What have you done that makes you the job seeker that the recruiter is looking for? From the description above we are able to grasp the number of years of experience that the job seeker has, the industry that they have worked in and the major cuisines they have experience working with. 


When using Shugulika’s job seeker platform be sure to mention key aspects that the employer will spot immediately in order to boost your chances of getting picked out.