Did you know that Psychometric Test was developed by Francis Galton in the 1980s to test the participant’s intelligence (Malani 2021)? In the old days, Chinese soldiers would have to have the test day and night to be able to obtain a prized occupation. One would need to be competent in fiscal policies, agriculture, military, and law and determine their physical capabilities. The passing rate was as low as 7% for the candidates. This difficult procedure then ended in 1906 when a simpler but still difficult test was chosen which still exists today in China and some nearby countries (The History of Psychometric Testing -, 2019).



Psychometric tests are currently used to measure interest, personality, and aptitude interest. In today`s world, most employers use tests to select or make sure that the candidates their choosing are in the right amount of skills needed for the particular task at hand. Employers mostly use psychometric tests when faced with several applicants in their portal hence the candidates will be asked to partake in an aptitude test which includes verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, logical reasoning, clerical speed, and accuracy.



There are various reasons why psychometric tests should be utilized. Although these tests are highly significant to both an individual (candidate) and the company (employer).



From a candidate’s point of view, psychometric tests can help you in two aspects.


A. In understanding the company you’re applying for. 

The psychometric test is always prepared or chosen by the employer according to the environment, culture, values, and integrity of the company without forgetting the skills necessary for the job required. Some companies do not necessarily form the questions but they can tell you what kind of psychometric test you are to take.

Therefore, how does this help a candidate? A lot can be observed from answering the psychometric test. As a candidate you get to understand the following;


  • Who are you attempting to work for?
  • What kind of morals and ethics does the company have?
  • What is the company`s environment?
  • What is the company’s integrity?
  • What values does the company hold?




B. In gaining knowledge on what skills are you competent in (Personal Development/ Assessment).


For those who chose to partake in the psychometric test for personal development, there are a lot of advantages you can be able to know about yourself. These tests give you a wide range of questions where you can assess yourself by analyzing your traits which gives you good career options to choose from.




In today`s world of business, companies use psychometric tests for recruitment purposes. Employers can utilize various psychometric tests to determine a job for a suitable candidate. These tests give the employer the ability to view the candidate's logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, and numerical reasoning.

Therefore, why are psychometric tests significant to the employer;


Cost effective.

Employers tend to receive a lot of information about the candidates which decreases employee turnover in an organization without having to invest any time and more finances.


Reliable and unbiased

Unlike interviews, the psychometric tests allow all candidates to be judged based on their abilities and personal traits. It provides a standard requirement for the candidates which promotes transparency in the results that will be used in the analysis.


Gives a broad perspective and understanding of the candidate.

The psychometric test gives an understanding of one`s personality and cognitive ability beyond their academics. The employer gets to understand the logical reasoning of the candidate despite his/her qualifications.


Simplifies the recruitment process.

These tests can be done at any stage during recruitment. It allows the employer to quickly analyze the candidate’s skills and abilities and if the candidate would be able to adapt to the company`s environment.


Selection of personnel.

This test can help recruiters to spot the candidates who best fit the position. In this aspect personality, aptitude, and knowledge tests are of significant use.


Team building and development.

In this aspect, many employees within the company can receive a lot of opportunities through these tests. The better one understands their increase in skills and ability, the better they can be able to grow and maintain positive workplace relationships.



To sum up, everyone does need a psychometric test to be able to understand the changes or increase in their skills and abilities. Also for one to know exactly which occupation she/he has a bigger competitive advantage on. A good psychometric test gives accurate and fair results valuing criteria like standardization, reliability, and validity.

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