Shugulika Africa Limited can assist you with

Job Portal

Online portal where employers can post jobs and look for candidates for a nominal fee. Jobseekers can upload CVs and apply for jobs for free!


In house Recruitment services where we shortlist, interview and provide reference checks and support for your recruitment needs. (Get in touch for more information- Contact Us).


Shugulika Recruitment identifies good candidates for senior positions, or more difficult to source/ sensitive positions by contacting relevant people. Ensuring tests are done to make sure they have the skills and personality to help make sure they are the right fit for the vacancy.

Psychometric Tests

We provide a battery of psychometric tests that help you make informed decisions about the candidates you are considering to hire or promote. For more information please check out our website

HR Consulting

Help with HR documentation, setting up HR departments in organizations and how to tackle staff issues.


From soft skills, leadership training to defensive drivers training. We can deliver training that you require or ensure we find industry experts to train you or your staff effectively.