This week's focus is on the Youth, let us explore ways in which opportunities can be maximized through engaging in different activities that will make them more attractive to employers. In addition, there are attractive tips for young entrepreneurs to be on the lookout for!


Let's dive in!


Job Hunters:

  • Use of Internet

The internet remains an undefeated tool to up-scale your skills and attracts better opportunities. The availability of different mediums that support online learning programs like short courses and certificates remains endless. These programs help sharpen soft skills and technical skills that build up your portfolio. 


Whether employed and job hunting or a growing entrepreneur, the internet is a perfect way to attract better opportunities to grow your career goals. Some examples of up-skilling mediums include Coursera, SkillShare, and Linkedin learning. 


  • Networking

Networking will help you expand your contact list and attract job opportunities. Sharing of information on job openings that are not public yet are table topics at networking events. In some cases, if the person is in a high position and can put the right word for you, then the chances of you getting the job increase. 


The job market is very competitive, and having one step ahead boosts your chances of getting recognized.


  • Internships

I am here to reiterate the importance of gaining experience for an employer. Internships are able to show an employer your drive and passion for being in the workforce. Whether paid or unpaid, take that chance to build your experience from the ground up it will bear good fruit in the long run. 


Graduate programs are a good form of experience for fresh graduates that need work skill building to start to jump their careers.



  • Local Government Aid 


Entrepreneurs, did you know that the Local government Facilitates loans to women, youth, and persons with disabilities?


The act states:

" The local government authorities shall set aside ten percent from the collection of their own sources of revenue for purposes of funding registered groups of women, youth and persons with disabilities."


Young entrepreneurs looking to start up businesses should look into accessing these opportunities that will launch them into the market.


  • Sandbox Programs

Lastly, entrepreneurs that are fresh from university have an opportunity to grow their ideas through Sandbox programs. Sandbox programs are established to assist and aid newly graduated entrepreneurs to have skill-based and financial support from well-established organizations. Most recently NMB launched its sandbox program that is targeted toward assisting these entrepreneurs specifically in the technology sector. 


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Happy Job Hunting!