Fasting has become part and parcel of this season of Ramadhan and Lent. If you are taking part in either of these, you know that fasting can take a toll on your body.


Working while fasting is challenging because your work focus is often distracted due to hunger and thirst. Here are some tips on how to maintain productivity during this Holy



1. Sleep Schedule

Due to the early prayer hours, it is good to have a healthy sleep schedule. Late nights should be kept to a minimum so that you have an early morning with the energy to take

the day.


2. Stay Active

Incorporate activities that allow you to stay active. Exercise can increase your metabolism and productivity by up to 50%. Contrariwise, by not keeping your body active you will feel weaker and less energized, which will reduce your focus on work.


There are many benefits to including light exercise in your routine. Mainly it improves blood circulation, makes the body feel fresh, and increases work focus.


3. Set Work Hours

Did you know that you are most productive in the morning?

Your brain is fresh and active allowing you to accomplish the challenging duties first.


Prioritize your work and set your work schedule to finish the tasks that take up most of your attention. The work that needs less energy can be moved to the afternoon when

you have less energy.


4. Minimum Distractions


Lastly, while in your refined work routine make sure you can work with minimum distractions. Depending on how much work you have, it is vital to make the hours where

you have energy, count!


So put your phone aside for a while to increase work focus. Turn off notifications from social media and group chats. Prioritize your work to ensure your productivity is not

affected by your fast.


Shugulika Africa wishes you a blessed Ramadan!