In talent management, there are different roles to play for particular functions. If you have been on the job hunt, I am sure you have come across the terms hiring manager and recruiter.

Even though hiring managers and recruiters deal with the hiring process, their roles complement each other rather than overlap.  

So let us begin with defining the roles:


A recruiter can either be part of a company's Human Resource department or outsourced through recruitment agencies like Shugulika Africa Limited. The function of a recruiter is to collect candidates that align with the needs of the job profile and perform initial interviewing.  



Hiring managers are responsible for conducting final interviews and hiring according to the business goals and vision. They are usually part of the Human Resource team and make the final hiring decisions.


How do the roles complement each other?

⦁ Both hiring managers and recruiters understand the company culture and goals and seek candidates that support the business and fit in the organization.

⦁ Both hiring managers and recruiters are involved in the hiring process.

⦁ Both hiring managers and recruiters have the function of finding the right candidate for the job.


Benefits of having a recruiter:

An efficient hiring process involves collaboration and communication amongst the recruiters and the hiring managers. The recruiter makes the job of a hiring manager less hectic through narrowing down key candidates that meet the specifications of the Job description.

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